NanoSlic can revolutionize your approach to protective coatings.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating

Based on a revolutionary ceramic platform chemistry, NanoSlic presents a new approach to protective coatings. NanoSlic coatings have a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface. Companies, municipalities, and industries have invested heavily in important capital assets. NanoSlic is a hydrophobic, oleophobic and environmentally friendly permanent waterproof nanocoating designed to protect various surfaces against water, oil, chemical corrosion and abrasion.


Why Nanoslic?


Nanoslic coatings are hydrophobic – repelling water far better than a traditional metal or plastic surface.


Nanoslic also repels oils, creating an easy to clean and maintain surface.


As a ceramic coating, Nanoslic lasts far longer than competitor coatings.

Why does this matter?

NanoSlic improves surface durability and performance through its outstanding hardness, modulus, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

It protects metals and polymers from water, heat, and corrosion.

Our protective coatings were developed to improve the performance and durability of industrial surfaces.

The anti-corrosion properties of our coating offer protection from moisture, oxidation, rust, and many other environmental elements.

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