Mobile Device Protection

NS-1500 is a unique liquid screen protector that not only strengthens and protects your glass, but also adds the benefits of restoring hydrophobic and oleophobic
properties to better repel water and fingerprints.

Shower & Bath

NS-1600 is an easily applied clear surface treatment that offers easy-to-clean properties for showers, windows, mirrors, and more! Add permanent water & oil repellency on surfaces that require frequent cleaning.

Wipe-on for Industrial Surfaces

NanoSlic Wipe-on offers users added flexibility in a easy to apply wipe. Bringing Nanotechnology into the facility provides corrosion resistance and makes surfaces easier to clean.

Aftermarket Auto

DuraSlic vehicle coatings are based on award-winning NanoSlic Ceramic Technology. DuraSlic hybrid coating protects from scuffs, scratches, water stains, corrosion, chemicals, tar, and harmful UV rays.

Solar Panel Coating

NanoSlic wipe-on technology makes solar maintenance easy. Ensure that the elements do not disrupt powerful productivity.

What's in the Name?


The world’s most advanced paint, glass and trim protection designed by experts in ceramic technology. Protect your paint, glass, and trim with real ceramic chemistry. NS 1500

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NS 1500

NS 1500 is a revolutionary ceramic, permanent, nanocoating based on proven NanoSlic technology. NS 1500 can be applied to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, to impart a unique range of beneficial properties. NS 1500 can be applied to glass and plastic trim. It provides a contact surface that is hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV and chemically resistant. Furthermore, NS 1500 is a multi-layerable formula that enables the user to boost the level of protection as needed.

NS 1500 is a hand-applied ceramic coating based on revolutionary NanoSlic technology. The coating chemically bonds to the surface while forming a hydrophobic and oleophobic nanolayer to protect paint and enhance gloss. NanoSlic has a robust, abrasion-resistant surface that stands up to repeated cleaning.

NanoSlic Smart Coatings are products with real-world data. Comprehensive testing in the laboratory, independent test centers and in the field, provides our researchers and customers with the information they need to move forward with confidence.


  • Easy to apply
  • Hydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • Imparts “Easy-To-Clean” Property
  • Flexible
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Clear, Glossy Finish

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