Nanoslic is a Smart Coating technology. NanoSlic can be applied to metal, glass, ceramics, polymers, paints and other surfaces to impart a unique range of beneficial properties


Your Surface Matters

NanoSlic coatings are based on a revolutionary platform chemistry that provides unprecedented protection and performance. Our coatings provide long-lasting water and oil repellency and make surfaces significantly easier to clean.

NanoSlic’s unique chemical composition prevents normal degradation and corrosion of a surface. The result is greater efficiency, reduced maintenance, longer life, and significant cost savings. NanoSlic products not only add physical protection to surfaces, but also impart an easy-to-clean quality.

The Industry

Since it was introduced to the electronics assembly industry in 2014, NanoSlic has become the market leader in hydrophobic/oleophobic protection. Top companies in the electronics industry are driving advancements by specifying NanoSlic coatings. However, these benefits are not exclusive to the electronics industry.

NanoSlic coatings have been met with critical success in automotive, marine and aerospace, industrial, and anti-graffiti markets. The technologists at NanoSlic continue to innovate because your surface matters.

Unique Chemistry

NanoSlic is both hydrophobic and oleophobic. Our coatings are comprised of three functional layers that form upon application. For that reason, NanoSlic can be defined as a ‘hybrid coating’, combining the benefits of a ceramic coating and a nanocoating. NanoSlic’s unique hybrid structure works in 3 ways:

Forms a dense network of strong chemical bonds to the substrate

Forms an inert, high-performance binder polymer layer

Forms a dense network of strong chemical bonds to the substrate

Our History


In 2013 the revolutionary NanoSlic chemistry was first invented. Soon after, the NS 100 stencil coating in addition to the NanoSlic Stencil Coating System was developed. Finally, the Innovation Center was established in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Early in 2014, the first NanoSlic Stencil Coating System installation went into production. Towards the end of the year, NanoSlic NS 200 was developed. NS 200 is a more flexible formula for outdoor and high stress applications.


In 2015, NanoSlic formulas for race car, solar and anti-graffiti applications were developed. Later, NanoSlic won the SMT Global Technology Award. In 2018, the NS 250 “SuperSlic” technology for reduced coefficient of friction was developed. Later, the first of NanoSlic Ceramic Car Coatings were introduced and glass coating technology was developed.


In 2019, new coatings were developed for NanoSlic’s expanding automotive family. 2019 also saw the installation of the 16th NanoSlic Stencil Coating System.

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