Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating

Phobia is greek for “fear” and Hydro for “water.” Hydrophobic surfaces repel water. Oleophobic surfaces repel oil.

NanoSlic is a permanent hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that repels water, water-based fluids, oils, and other chemicals. This makes it an ideal permanent coating to protect many industrial and consumer surfaces. Its products are in use in a wide variety of applications including:


NanoSlic’s oleophobic and hydrophobic properties provide one key benefit:

Easy to Clean

Surfaces that repel water and oils are much easier to clean. Products that are usually hard to remove come right off due to Nanoslic’s Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties. As an example, see how Nanoslic can be used to prevent graffiti.

The easy-to-clean property is also incorporated into our line-up of advanced ceramic coatings for cars, trucks and RVs.

About NanoSlic

NanoSlic is the world’s most advanced ceramic coating technology. Application driven formulations provide protection while also providing a high-tech, high-performance aesthetic.