Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating

Phobia is greek for “fear”. Hydrophobic surfaces repel water as if it were afraid of water. Oleophobic surfaces repels oil as if it was afraid of the oil.

NanoSlic is a permanent hydrophobic and oleophobic nanocoating that repels water, water-based fluids, oils, and other chemicals. This makes it an ideal permanent coating to protect many industrial and consumer surfaces. Its products are in use in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Wheel Protection
  • Automotive Protection
  • Industrial Stencil Applications
  • Agriculture Applications

NanoSlic’s oleophobic and hydrophobic properties provide two main benefits:

Easy to Clean

Surfaces that repel water and oils are much easier to clean. Even normally difficult products to remove come right off due to Nanoslic’s Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties. As an example, see how Nanoslic can be used to prevent graffiti.

Nanoslic’s surface is so oleophobic that even dried spray paint will not stick to the surface. Billions of dollars every year are spent to remove graffiti from public. A layer of Nanoslic over a traditional coat of paint provides strong antigraffiti properties.

We’ve also begun initial testing of Nanoslic’s oleophobic properties on automobiles.

For automotive enthusiasts, one of the biggest challenges is keeping bugs and road tar off of a vehicle. Using Nanoslic, we can reduce the amount of road debris that sticks to automotive metals as well as making the surface incredibly easy to clean.

Protect Surfaces

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings also provide protection to surfaces. By repelling waters and oils, NanoSlic help reduces and prevent rust. The water-resistant properties prevent the oxidization that causes rust on traditional metal surfaces.

This protection means your expensive surfaces – whether wheels, automobiles, appliances, or industrial surfaces stay protecting increasing their appearance and useful life.

By applying NanoSlic to these surfaces, we protect them and help them look newer longer.

About NanoSlic

NanoSlic is both hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. It comes in a clear coat as well as tinted NanoSlic coatings to provide protection while also providing a high-tech, high-performance aesthetic.