SMT Stencil Coatings

FCT has leveraged their chemistry knowledge to develop unique nanocoatings that improve various steps in the PCB Assembly process. Our coatings can be used on stencils to improve print transfer efficiency, minimize bridging and other defects, improve cleaning efficiency and much more.

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Premium SMT Stencil Coating

The NanoSlic Gold stencil is the next generation of stencil coating technology developed to address the increasing demands confronting the electronic assembly industry. This stencil is based on a proprietary application process that coats both the underside of the stencil and aperture walls.

This durable coating is both highly hydrophobic and oleophobic, which repels solder paste. NanoSlic Gold is thermally cured and is a permanent coating. This technology significantly improves solder paste transfer efficiencies for small apertures resulting in higher yields and less rework. It also minimizes bridging and reduces underside cleaning. This coating technology can be easily evaluated and is compatible with current assembly equipment and processes.



  • Reduced Underside Cleaning
  • Improved Brick Profiles
  • Reduced Bridging
  • Improved Paste Release
  • Improved Transfer Efficiency
  • Robust and Durable Surface Treatment
  • Permanently Bonded to Stencil Surface and Aperture Walls

Purchase NanoSlic Gold Stencils from our Licensees

Florida CirTech has signed on various licensees to support and manufacture coated stencils for the SMT industry.¬†Licensees are required to use the NanoSlic Stencil Coating System developed at Florida CirTech’s Innovation Center in Cincinnati, OH. This system offers a more efficient and effective process for coating stencils, incorporating a number of proprietary features specifically designed around NanoSlic’s unique chemistry.

Licensees in North America

Licensees in China

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