Ceramic Solar Panel Coating

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  • Solar panels on a construction site with raindrops on them
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  • Solar panels on a construction site with raindrops on them

The world’s most advanced solar panel protection designed by experts in ceramic technology. Protect solar panels with real ceramic chemistry.


Solar panels


Potential applications

Solar panels, glass, metal and plastic


Ceramic Solar Panel Coating

Solar panels are an excellent source of consistent, renewable energy, but they do require a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep. One aspect of this upkeep is to make sure the panel surfaces don’t have any sort of accumulation on them that might reduce their ability to absorb sunlight. Because solar panels are most often out in the elements, they are constantly exposed to wind and weather that can carry dust and other debris that deposit onto the panel surface and eventually begin to block sunlight, thereby reducing the efficiency of the panels’ ability to convert sunlight into electricity. These deposits might be negligible at first, but they build up over time and eventually the panels will need to be cleaned. This can be a hassle and take a significant amount of time and effort without the proper protection. Luckily, we have designed a protective ceramic coating for panels that can reduce time and effort spent on panel upkeep, and which lasts for years.

NanoSlic is an easy-to-apply ceramic coating that will keep panel surfaces clean and running efficiently. The coating creates an invisible hydrophobic and oleophobic barrier over the panel surface that repels water and oil-based substances. This affect makes the panel essentially self-cleaning, as water beads up and rolls off the surface carrying dust and dirt along with it. The coating is a 9H hardness coating, meaning that it offers protection while still allowing 100% of light to pass through, without any of the optical properties of glass. It also means that the coating is very lightweight and resistant to abrasion. It can be applied to any type of panel surface, including glass, plastic and thin-film panels and can withstand nearly any weather condition, or temperature. To protect your solar panels and ensure reliable efficiency, contact us today!



  • Excellent Repellency to Water and Oil Based Contaminants
  • No Effect on Light Transmission
  • Permanent
  • Superior Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance
  • Ultra-Thin Coating
  • Room temp Curing
  • VOC Free*

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