Protective Ceramic Coatings for Industrial Surfaces

Nanoslic is a new type of protective coating.



Nanoslic’s hydrophobic properties prevent water-based substances from sticking to the surface. This prevents corrosion and makes the service easy to clean.


Not only does Nanoslic repel water, it is also oleophobic to repel oil-based substances. This includes grease, tar, fingerprints, and any other type of oil based substance. Forget hard scrubbing of your industrial surfaces. Nanoslic makes cleaning even the heaviest tars and oils simple.

Permanent Ceramic Coating


Many hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings easily rub off. Nanoslic is a ceramic-based coating, meaning it is permanent. Nanoslic is rated at a 9H hardness – meaning it is abrasion resistant and will last a long time.

Corrosion Resistance

Due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, Nanoslic helps prevent corrosion by repelling waters and chemicals that lead to corrosion. 

Industries Using Nanoslic

NanoSlic protective nanocoatings can be used for a variety of industrial applications. The durable, hydrophobic coating improves hard surfaces making them resistant to deterioration. NanoSlic also seals out water which can lead to corrosion, thus extending the overall life of industry surfaces.


NanoSlic can be used for high-performance exterior protection on painted and unpainted surfaces. NanoSlic provides anti-corrosion protection and also repels chemicals, water, tree sap and insects making coated surfaces easy to clean.

The oleophobic and hydrophobic properties create a permanent and durable barrier from water, oils, and liquids. When applied over a painted surface, the polymer film is many times harder than the underlying paint, which provides additional scratch and abrasion resistance.

On metallic surfaces, NanoSlic protective coatings offer unparalleled anti-corrosion and chemical protection, while still achieving a high gloss exterior. NanoSlic is available in a wide variety of colors and tints to either maintain or modify the underlying surface. 


NanoSlic high-performance surface protection inhibits growth of foreign organisms, reduces cleaning times in transition areas and provides an anti-corrosion barrier throughout the facility. These properties provide long-term savings of time and money, but most importantly mitigate risk in a highly regulated industry.

The microns thick coating provides long-lasting water and oil repellency, making horizontal and vertical surfaces significantly easier to clean. An easier to clean surface adds efficiency but also enables the user to use cleaners that are less harsh and more environmentally friendly.

NanoSlic’s unique hybrid structure enables a durable and permanent bond to protect the wide variety of surfaces found in hatcheries, feedlots and processing plants, such as concrete floors, weigh systems and conveyors, walls and ceilings. Long-term performance is the measuring stick in surface protection.


Health Care

NanoSlic can be used as a protective coating in the medical industry to create hydrophobic surfaces that repel water and oils which in turn reduces scale and prevents the build-up of dangerous bacteria. There are limitless applications for self-cleaning, protective coatings in the health care industry. Any surface that comes in contact with patients, doctors, staff or surfaces that get wet or hold liquids can benefit from NanoSlic coatings. Hospital beds, bed pans, operating tables, faucets and sink basins, trays for dental and surgical tools, diagnostic equipment, shared tools, medical devices and so much more can all benefit from a self-cleaning, protective coating.


NanoSlic coatings provide superior electrical insulation due to its silicon-based chemistry. This feature makes NanoSlic an ideal protective coating for circuit boards, components, chips, connectors and other electrical protection requirements. NanoSlic electrical protection coatings offer extremely high insulation resistance. Its insulating properties are stable over a wide range of temperatures and across a wide frequency spectrum making it optimal for high voltage applications.

In addition to electrical insulation, the coating’s anti-corrosion and self-cleaning properties protects and extends the life of your circuits especially in devices that are exposed to harsh weather and corrosive environments. NanoSlic coatings are ideal for:

  • Conformal Coatings
  • Dielectric Layers
  • Encapsulation
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • SMT Stencil Coatings
  • Protective Coatings


NanoSlic’s anti-corrosion and rust prevention coatings are designed to perform in the harshest environments, especially in coastal areas where you find large bridges, marinas, ports, rigs, ships, and boats. Metal and steel are integral parts of everyday marine infrastructure and are constantly exposed to environmental elements.

Over time, these elements such as sea salts, sand, and ultraviolet light will corrode metals, reducing the lifespan and overall structural integrity. Reduce maintenance costs and improve performance by applying NanoSlic protective coatings to surfaces that are susceptible to corrosion and rust.



NanoSlic coatings offer superior protection and easy-to-clean properties for consumer and industrial appliances. In reality, most appliances are rigorously used every day, especially in industrial environments. Superior abrasion resistance, thermal resistance, and liquid repelling features make NanoSlic the ultimate easy-to-clean protective coating for appliances.

Improve cleanliness in a professional kitchen, or just around the home by applying NanoSlic to surfaces that require continuous cleaning. This is especially important in areas where steam, residues or even mold can accumulate.

Clear NanoSlic grades offer protection without hiding the underlying surface aesthetics, while tinted grades offer color options for all types of appliances.



NanoSlic’s unique formula is designed to work in conjunction with paints, acrylics, stains and even some other coatings. NanoSlic can by applied directly to the painted surface after it has been completely dried to offer additional protection and easy-to-clean functions. The easy-to-clean functions derive from NanoSlic’s hydrophobicity and oleophobicity properties which resists the bonding of other liquid materials; for example, spray paint.

Graffiti and vandalism of infrastructure is a global issue and billions of dollars are spent removing or re-painting surfaces. Train cars, bridges, signage, industry equipment and buildings are in constant threat of graffiti. In addition, most of these surfaces are also subject to extreme corrosion and would all benefit from NanoSlic high performance protective coatings.

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