MicroShield Giving Your Stencils the Protection They Need

The stencil industry is currently facing a dilemma between electronics miniaturization and cost production. Not only is there a need to make things faster and smaller, but also an increasing need to make it affordable.

Traditional stencil treatments are notorious for having longer application processes. After application, stencils are typically run through distilled water to ensure surfaces are water break free. This can add an incredible amount of cycle time and increased yield, leading to a decrease in productivity.

Stencil wipes, although convenient, carry an excess of product that ends up getting thrown away, or left sitting at the bottom of the container. This creates a waste of product material leading to increased costs, while ultimately leaving users without any ability to regulate its usage.

Experienced engineers understand stencil productions are not one-size-fits-all, so why are all the treatments the same?


Introducing MicroShield by Florida CirTech

From the SMT Stencil Coating leader that developed NanoSlic Gold; Florida CirTech introduces MicroShield. This revolutionary on-contact hydrophobic coating has a unique chemistry that can be self applied to solder paste stencils to impart a unique range of properties.

Unlike traditional treatments, this coating does not need to be rinsed off and completely dried before application. As a result, rework and cycle times are greatly reduced.

The stencil coating comes in an easy-to-use bottle, giving users the freedom to dispense exactly the amount of coating needed directly onto the applicator – without wasting a single drop. This means users have full control of its application, making MicroShield the perfect cost-effective coating for prototyping and small production runs.

Incredible Benefits For Your Stencils

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Better Underside Cleaning

Leading to reduced stencil defects, thus preventing apertures from obstructing and impeding transfers.



Keeping your components protected and isolated from one another during application.



Creating excellent conditions for printing, especially with fine pitch components.



Reducing the amount of rework required because of its excellent coverage and extreme flexibility even around delicate components.

Watch How to Easily Apply

Remove any surface contamination.

Apply 7ml of the MicroShield Cleaner / Primer in a circular motion.*

*Note: users do not need to run stencils underwater or use an air gun to dry.

Next, apply 7ml of the MicroShield coating on a lint-free cloth. Coat in circular and vigorous patterns until the cloth is dry.

Finally, let it cure for 2 minutes. Then buff with another dry lint-free cloth for 90 seconds. An electric palm buffer can help aid with this process.

Ready to take back control of your stencil coatings?

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