Nanoslic Media Gallery

NanoSlic Stencil Long Life Project

Learn about research to date on this new technology including the background of modifications, how it affects the stencil production process

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Anti-Graffiti Coating Video

NanoSlic’s robust chemistry can be used to prevent and protect a surface from all sorts of graffiti.

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Durable Protective Coating Video

NanoSlic is a powerful hydrophobic/oleophobic coating. Its durable surface can stand up to repeated washings.

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Color Coatings Video

NanoSlic is available in a range of colors. NanoSlic can be made in several different colors without losing its properties.

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Ceramic Paint Protectant Video

NS 1500 can be applied to painted, coated base metal surfaces, to impart a unique range of beneficial properties.

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Hydrophobic Oleophobic Coating Video

NanoSlic’s hydrophobic and oleophobic properties protect surfaces from water, oil, harmful UV and organic materials.

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