Below you can order samples of Nanoslic for testing and use. If you’d like to buy larger quantities for industrial applications or have product questions, please feel free to contact us.


NanoSlic NS-110 Coating

NS-110 is an extremely robust and durable surface protection coating. It is formulated to be clear and transparent as not to impact the original aesthetics of the coated surface or substrate. NS-110 offers superior adhesion properties making it a permanent part of the surface. Some of the benefits include:

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (Repels most liquid materials)
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Clear, transparent coating
  • High film hardness, significantly harder than other polymer films
  • NS-50 PreClean Solution is highly recommended prior to application for maximum adhesion


NanoSlic NS-200 Coating

NS-200 is a flexible, protective coating that offers superior adhesion properties for a wide variety of metals, plastic, materials and substrates. NS-200 imparts all of the performance enhancing properties of NanoSlic coatings but is formulated to be more flexible for traditionally non-hard surfaces. Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexible coating
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (Repels most liquid materials)
  • Superior adhesion
  • Temperature and thermally resistant
  • Clear, transparent coating
  • NS-50 PreClean Solution is highly recommended prior to application for maximum adhesion


NanoSlic NS-50 PreClean Solution

NanoSlic PreClean Solution is a unique, highly effective cleaner for preparing surfaces prior to coating with NanoSlic Coating*. Some of the benefits include:

  • Effective alkaline cleaner
  • Removes oils, films and other contaminants
  • Activates metallic surfaces to improve bonding of NanoSlic coatings
  • Water based
  • Rinses with water

*Please note: This is not the Nanoslic coating. It is a preclean solution recommended to ensure proper adhesion and product performance. Surface preparation is an important factor in the performance of NanoSlic Coatings. Please refer to our Surface Preparation Guidelines.



MicroShield On-Contact SMT Stencil Coating (Small Kit)

MicroShield is a revolutionary on-contact hydrophobic and oleophobic permanent coating technology that can be applied to solder paste stencils to impart a unique range of properties, including; better paste release, improved paste deposit profile, significantly reduced cleaning frequency and reduced bridging. MicroShield is easy to apply and instantly improves the surface.


How Much Nanoslic Do You Need?

NanoSlic protective nanocoatings are resistant to water, oils, chemicals and other solutions, making it an ideal coating for metal, ceramic and other surfaces that need protection from harsh environments and/or need to be easily cleaned. All NanoSlic coatings are Volatile Organic Compound FREE (VOC FREE). NanoSlic coatings can be sprayed, dipped or wiped. Please refer to product Technical Data Sheets for application guidelines or contact us for application support.

Use the following table as a guideline to determine how much NanoSlic is needed to coat your specific project or product at your desired thickness. *Actual coverage results may vary.

Desired Final Dried Thickness
Initial Wet Film Thickness
Square Meter Coverage
(per Liter of NanoSlic)
Square Foot Coverage
(per Liter of NanoSlic)
1 4.3 219 2358.00
2 8.7 108 1179.00
3 13.0 72 786.00
4 17.4 54 589.50
5 21.7 43 471.60
6 26.1 36 393.00
7 30.4 31 336.86
8 34.8 27 294.75
9 39.1 24 262.00
10 43.5 22 235.80

*For more information on coverage requirements and/or bulk pricing please contact us.