NanoSlic Ceramic Coating Applications

SMT Stencil Coating

The NanoSlic coated stencil is the most advanced solder paste stencil available. Using advanced polymer chemistry, this coating has been developed to address the increasing demands confronting the electronics assembly industry. The coating is applied using a proprietary process which permanently coats both the underside of the stencil and aperture walls. This coating technology is highly hydrophobic and oleophobic, providing superior paste release and allowing more print cycles between cleaning.

The benefits are numerous and include:


Increased paste transfer efficiency


Reduced stencil underside cleaning


Consistent print from board-to-board


Highly robust and durable



VOC-free NanoSlic is perfect for extreme corrosion, chemical and solvent resistance, water repellency and abrasion protection. It improves part durability and performance through its outstanding hardness, modulus, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.


NanoSlic is ideal for enhanced surface hardness, planarity, smoothness and, with tinted grades, a high-performance design alternative.

Our nanocoatings are resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals, including water-based solutions and most solvents. Water and organic-based materials bead up, roll off and leave the surface clean.

Any application that needs to last longer, be easier to clean, or protected from the environment will benefit from NanoSlic. Industries include:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive & Marine
  • Consumer Goods & Appliances
  • Paints & Architectural Coatings